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Northgate Baby Group

Northgate Baby group is ran by Abby at the Northgate  community hub, on Thursday's at:




Baby group is a great place to expand your babies development and meet other parents.

Each week we have a theme with lots of fun filled activities, for you and your baby.

Our classes  have lots of sensory activities to develop your babies in all areas of learning from new born to one year.

We have alot of lights sounds and singing, also objects and areas to explore. From week to week.

The babies are given an individual mat to lay on and parents are given a cushion, they are spread round a large grey mat for our group time.
The babies will have a sensory basket with all items they will need for our group time.

Themed Weeks:

  • 18/3/21 'Nursery Rhyme week'

  • 25/3/21 'Book and puppets week'

  • Half term shut 29/3/21-12/3/21

  • 15/3/21 'water week'

  • 22/3/21 'messy week'

  • 29/3/21 'Lights and sounds week'

  • 6/3/21 'Animal week'

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A group time starts and ends our session, we enjoy singing songs together and exploring resources next to the mat.

We ensure all mats are spaced around and each baby has there own resources too.

This is to ensure Covid guidelines are followed.


This is the community hub where we are located!

Address: Northgate, Tickhill, DN11 9HZ.

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  • Lights and sounds activities are a great way to develop your babies brains.

  • Singing/reading to your baby grows there ability within speech.

  • Giving your baby tummy time opportunities, strengthens there core development.

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This is the hall where we have baby sensory.

Please search 'Northgate baby group' on Facebook to get in touch with Abby.

Or visit the 'Northgate Community Hub' on the Facebook site.


Water week

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